The Expendable

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Dropped inside the bitter ugliness of their (un)perfect world, there he lies in his bed of sorrows.

King of nothingness, or the randomly accepted intelectual wannabe in the village of rotten sensibilities, there he is for them to spit.

After all those rusty years, he finally realized that all the rushes were nothing but a complete waste of time.

If you can't be happy for at least five minutes a day, what's the meaning of your life?
What's the purpose of being depressed twenty-four seven, if you're not even able to have someone by your side, kissing your lips and grabbing your cold hand to comfort you, when the rest of the world seems to hate you?

Would you even be able to feel that hand, after all these decades of insane sickness?


(I wish I was...)...

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jardinsdeLaura disse...


You're right!
Sometimes i ask myself what's the point? All the rushes and all the worries... what for? What do i really get in the end?! And what i get is it enough? Is it worth it? I don't know!! I only know that latelly i've been trying to get, each day, a litle time and pleasure of my own!! And it's working i'm feeling much better!
I'll be back soon! see you later aligator!

Mateso disse...

Rough world, despicable life yet forthcoming hope in a silver dreamy , tiny, sweet tear of a child...

Obrigada pelas palavras. A terra é matar o resto é gente.